Since 1986, the American Hospitality Academy (AHA) has been providing hospitality training for thousands of students and young adults worldwide at premier resorts and hotels in the USA including Marriott, Ritz Carlton, Hyatt, Sheraton and Hilton. It is through this close working relationship with top industry leaders that AHA has developed an appreciation and a clear understanding of how to best teach leadership and multicultural skills that are vital to success in any career.

Now through the development of AHA’s online programs, students around the world can participate in AHA’s programs and gain the professional development skills needed to succeed in today’s global workplace. AHA’s industry focused seminars and activities emphasize the development of both personal and professional leadership traits needed to be successful in the 21st century workplace

For over 30 years, the American Hospitality Academy has specialized in developing thousands of college students worldwide for employment and leadership opportunities in the hospitality and tourism industry. AHA World Campus is now bringing our years of experience to individuals, schools, corporations, youth organizations and workforce development programs. AHA’s online career development courses give emphasis to the key employability traits as well as the soft skills needed to succeed in a multicultural environment.

All courses are delivered online through World Campus giving students the opportunity to participate in online activities and discussions with other students from around the world. Learning to embrace diversity and show respect for individual differences is key to successful management and leadership in today’s diverse workplace.